Saratoga Historical Foundation     and the     Saratoga Community Library

Mary and Her Daughters—Wife and Family of Abolitionist John Brown

April 15, 2011        2-4  p.m.

Saratoga Community Library        13340 Saratoga Avenue 95070
Free and open to the public          (It’s her 195th birthday!)
An overview--Mary Brown, her legacy of equality and cooperation
Jean Libby, Project Director and local historian

Visitors’ interest in Mary Brown’s gravesite        
Tim Zadel, Madronia Cemetery
Jim Sorden, Chair, Board of Trustees, Saratoga Cemetery District

Anniversary of California Women Receiving the Vote, an exhibit at the
Saratoga History Museum
                                    Annette Stransky, Curator

Documentation and public library access,    
                            Mary Hanel, Library liason,
Santa Clara County  Historical and Genealogical Society

Mary (1816-1884) is the wife of John Brown of Harpers Ferry fame. She and her
daughters emigrated to California in 1864. Her daughter Ellen Brown Fablinger
moved to Santa Clara County in 1879; Mary and Sarah Brown followed in 1881.  
Mary and Her Daughters is a legacy of equality and cooperation in Saratoga,
Santa Clara, and San Jose for the period 1880-1916. The goal is to create a
publicly accessible archive of local communities who interacted with the Brown
Family during their residence in Santa Clara County, and a resource of documents
that pertain to Mary and her family who are buried at the Madronia Cemetery.  

A conference about the
historic communities is planned for

September 25, 2012   at   Hakone Gardens.  

KSAR 15 Community Access TV will broadcast the conference

Mary Brown and Her Daughters Project Director:  Jean Libby

Saratoga Historical Foundation:  nonprofit partner
Mary Anne Day Brown's birthday
April 15, 1816    commemoration in Saratoga April 15,  2011
photos by Robert Walker

Abcom Media Productions
Saratoga Historical Foundation

Jack Mallory  Bob Himel  Ron Haeglin  Jim Sorden                                                 Trina Gentry  Karyn Webb  
                                                                                     Willys Peck                                                   SCCHGS

C. Solomon, HopPeople

Jean Libby
Project Director

Katie Alexander    Richard Angus                                 O. C. Tinsley      African American Heritage Association
SHF                          Menlo Park Historical Association
Alice Cook Hunt, direct descendant, is
honored at her 95th birthday on March 27, 2011
in Portland, Oregon
Museum, Annette Stransky discusses the  exhibition on
Woman's Suffrage.  California granted women the right to
vote in
1911; the national amendment came in 1919..
Santa Clara County District 5 Supervisor Liz Kniss
Saratoga Community Library
Tim Zadel, Madronia Cemetery

Mary Brown's grave is the most-visited site at the Madronia Cemetery
outside of family visits.  
Nominated to the National Underground   
Network to Freedom (National Park Service) on April 15, 2011
Janine Burgess, ranger at the
Santa Clara County Parks
Mary Hanel, local history librarian at the
Santa Clara City Library
Betty and Willys Peck
Saratoga history-makers
Audience examines map of Mary Brown's Cabin site in Sanborn County Park

Richard Angus
Menlo Park Historical Association

O. C. Tinsley                                                                 
African American Heritage House                                                           Mary Chiao                    
History San Jose                                                                                local history
Saratoga Cemetery District
Board of Trustees

          Dee Howard              Trina Gentry

                      Jean Libby
Sarah Brown's charcoal photo portraits of
Historical Museum.

The photographer of the John Brown bearded
photograph is M. M. Lawrence of New York, 1858.
Photographer of Mary Brown is Isaiah Taber of
San Francisco, ca. 1878.